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Blog_MG_0229_CropThursday night I had the pleasure of not only judging the ‘Inclement Weather’ print competition at Sweetwater Camera Club but also training the club members on Panning. 

The idea behind panning is that you pan your camera along with your moving subject and end up getting a relatively sharp subject but a blurred background.  Here is an example of my daughter on her scooter in the cul-de-sac.  This shot was taken on the following settings:  1/20th sec., f/14, ISO 100, Shutter Priority, Continuous Focus, Continuous Drive, and Auto Focus Points.

If you’re interested in Panning, try these simple steps:

  1. Use continuous focus mode
  2. Use continuous drive mode
  3. Use Dynamic Area AF on Nikon and Automatic AF on Canon (honestly, experiment with the focus points on your camera)
  4. Shutter Priority Mode (1/60th – 1/8th)
  5. Hi ISO (800-3200) depending on available light

My complete notes from Thursday night’s lecture can be found here.


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  1. Judy Bruner says:

    Loved the presentation, Jim. As always, you did a fine job! Thanks for the notes, too!

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